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Hi, there!  I’m Anna, a reformed sugar addict turned passionate wellinista (yes, I made that word up).  At 40 I needed a do-over, so now I’m a yoga teacher, a massage therapist (since 2010), and a wellness educator.  I work with people who want to feel great, look great, and live the life of their dreams.

Of course, I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve learned a lot of interesting and useful things.  I created this website to help others, like me, who are ready to take control of their life, regain vibrant health. Here you will find information and resources to heal and inspire, as well as transform your body, mind, & spirit.

Basically, I’m an agent of positive change.  

Why should you listen to me?  I mean, I don’t have a PhD. in anything.

What I do have: education, experience, compassion, and a voracious appetite for research, science, spirituality, & alternative medicine.

You see, I know what it’s like to be sick and sad.  To struggle to make it  just through the day.  Ever since I can remember I’ve had health issues, food and digestion issues, battled anxiety and depression, and wished desperately for a better, happier life.

After years of the same old misery, I decided to find a way out of the cycle. First I went to college and studied biology, chemistry, and psychology.  Then I went to nursing school and learned all about physiology and caring for the sick in the traditional (Western) medical system.   After that, I went to massage therapy school, learned even more human anatomy, and how to improve wellness naturally.  I studied aromatherapy.  Then I started practicing yoga and discovered Ayurveda, the power of essential oils, herbs, and began implementing natural ways to radically improve my health, my happiness.  Over time, small changes added up to something miraculous for me.  I felt I had to share everything I had learned (and continue to learn).

All of this knowledge changed my life, and now, I’m putting it all together here at  It is my hope that you find something here that helps.


  • We are each responsible for our body, mind, & spirit
  • Each moment we have a choice to hurt or heal
  • Nature is God’s gift
  • Miracles happen
  • We are experiencing a Natural Wellness Revolution — and it is a glorious thing!

My mission and my calling is to educate and inspire you to take tender, loving care of yourself, experience radiant health, and abundance beyond your wildest dreams, and BECOME THE HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST PERSON you know.

That being said, I’m not perfect, far from it- which is actually kinda awesome, because who wants to hang out with someone who’s perfect anyway?  Everything on this website is 100% my own opinion, based on my own experiences, and areas of expertise.

*NOTE: I’m NOT a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe anything.  Nothing on this site is intended to cure a disease.  Seek medical advice before beginning any new exercise program, taking a new supplement, or making changes that can affect your health.

There will be affiliate links to products or services that I use, like, and want to support.  When you purchase these affiliate products, it helps me to continue this site and help others.  (I promise to give you honest, genuine information and honest reviews, always!  Thank you for helping me to do what I love.)

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me.  I’m so glad you’re here.


Warmest regards,

Anna Gayheart, LMT, RYT 200, Natural Wellness Educator


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