Surprise, You Have Allergies! When Your Late Summer Cold Isn’t Really a Cold, Plus Natural Ways to Feel Better

A few years ago I started to notice a seasonal pattern.  Every year, in late September or early October, I would come down with the worst cold.  It would start with exhaustion,  a scratchy throat, runny nose, leading to congestion, coughing, and a downward spiral leading into couch surfing and feeling absolutely miserable.  

I’d look out the window at the gorgeous weather and feel sorry for myself…but at least I didn’t have allergies like my husband…

And then I did a little research.

Turns out, for me and for as much as 30% of the population it’s actually allergies, not a cold. To top it all off, the number of people affected is growing due to our changing climate and the increased airborne pollen count, according to this article at the National Institutes of Health site. 

Basically, hay fever feels like a cold, but it’s an allergic reaction to ragweed.  I like to think I’m pretty self-aware, but it took me 46 years to figure this one out.  Although, admittedly, I think it has gotten more severe as I’ve grown older (and pollen has increased).  An unofficial poll of my friends seems to suggest that many of them agree with my theory. 

Maybe you’re currently suffering from symptoms that seem an awful lot like a cold, and you’ve noticed that everyone around you seems to have it too?  

Symptoms of Ragweed Allergy (or Hay Fever)

  • Sniffles, runny nose
  • Coughing, chest congestion, wheezing, and asthma-like difficulty breathing (or triggering your asthma)
  • Scratchy throat
  • Itchy or watering eyes
  • Exhaustion, unusual tiredness 

It feels so wrong to be coughing, trying to clear my scratchy throat, and keep my nose from dripping into my pumpkin spice latte all while the sky is supernaturally blue and the sun warms my face, but, at least now I know what the problem is so that I can choose to do something to feel better. 

Here’s what many natural and alternative medicine practitioners recommend to support our bodies and feel better during ragweed season and things I’ve already begun adding into my daily routine.   I’ve added in some links to Amazon to products I use and love.  I do earn a small amount of money from purchases, as I am an Amazon affiliate.  I appreciate your support.  

Natural Ways to Treat Ragweed Allergies/Hay Fever

    • Stinging Nettle – I prefer to drink this as tea, but there are capsules as well.   You may want to add in raw local honey or manuka honey for more benefits.
    • Quercetin and Bromelain – These are naturally occurring phytochemicals found in onions (quercetin) and pineapple (bromelain), but it also comes in capsule form in case you’re not eating a whole lot of raw onion and pineapple. 
    • Vitamin C – Foods with high amounts of vitamin C naturally combat the histimine reactions and symptoms of seasonal allergies.  Plus, as an added bonus, vitamin C is so good for our connective tissue (think glowing skin).  Here are some foods with high vitamin C content.  
      • Camu camu
        • Apparently, camu camu has 10 times as much vitamin C as an orange! 
      • Guava
      • Acai
      • Goji berries
      • Red, Yellow, & Orange Bell Peppers
      • Broccoli
      • Kiwi
      • Strawberries
      • Oranges

Breakfast smoothies are a great way to get more fruit and greens into your diet. I like to add in freeze dried goji powder for a little extra zing. It reminds me of cranberry.

Another healthy favorite around my house, Acai bowls are super easy and deceptively nutritious. Take two bananas (fresh or frozen) , add in one frozen packet of acai (or powder) and whip it up in your Nutribullet or high speed blender. It comes out like chocolate pudding, only healthy! Top it with sliced fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut, granola. Best breakfast/snack ever.

So, if you too find yourself sniffling this late summer and early autumn, know that there are things you can do, options and choices you can make to feed your wellness and alleviate the symptoms of ragweed season.  

I raise my mug of nettle tea to you and wish you wellness, my friend. 

Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything? Why Inflammation May Be The Real Reason for Lack of Motivation.

Our moods and motivations are driven not just by desire, but by our brain and body chemistry.  According to this study that was published in April (2019), feeling unmotivated and blue may just be a symptom of inflammation. 

Besides getting our groove back, what makes inflammation such a big deal? 

The latest science and research points to chronic, low grade inflammation as a major contributing factor in all chronic disease, including depression, obesity, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, cancer. 

But what does this mean for us?  Well, if this theory is correct, it could mean that we actually get a warning sign, a head’s up, way in advance, long before being diagnosed with any of these issues. 

What if noticing that we feel sluggish, unmotivated, lethargic, and uninspired, or down is the early warning sign?  Doesn’t it make sense to tame the inflammation early, get our groove back, and consider our efforts preventative medicine? 

How to know if you have inflammation? 

Dr. Amy Shah says, “If you have symptoms like headaches, bloating, joint pain, rashes, fatigue, weight gain, allergies, asthma, or mood issues – you are most likely inflamed.” 

Consider this your call to action.  Even though you may not feel like it, it’s time to take measures to soothe your body and mind, increase the feel good hormones, lower the stress hormones, and get your groove back. 

So, how do you heal inflammation? 

The good news is there are lots of things we can do to support our immune system and calm the inflammation going on in our bodies. Here are four ways to get started today.

4 Things You Can Do Today to Lower Inflammation

  1. Step one is making your health a priority.  Since we have different body chemistry and respond to varying degrees to specific inflammatory foods, it helps to keep a food journal and write down exactly what you eat and how you feel.  Over time patterns develop and you don’t have to take up space and energy in your brain trying to remember the details of what you ate two days ago.
  2. Increasing your intake of fresh, organic veggies and fruits – especially leafy greens, is key. 
  3. Equally important is eliminating the foods that trigger an immune response and inflammation.  According to Harvard Medical School, the major culprits are sugar, red meat, processed meats, white flour, and processed foods such as ice cream.
  4. Managing stress is next.  My favorites are yoga and massage, but there are countless ways to find deep relaxation.  The hard part for most of us is just scheduling it into our busy lives.  For me, if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not gonna happen, so I set up appointments and classes in advance and consider them very important – that way I keep them. 

Taking care of our mental health – and getting back to feeling like doing something -means taking our symptom of “not feeling like doing anything” seriously.  It means recognizing that we may be heading in a direction that can lead to chronic disease.  Listening to what’s going on may not be easy or automatic.  Making the changes in diet and lifestyle might take finding support.  But your life is worth it.  You are worth it.  




What CBD Product is Right for You?

For several years now people, clients, yoga students, friends and family have been asking me about CBD.

Those that know me know I’m a researcher at heart. I try all the things, I read all the studies and details, and I want the best products at the best price.

Well, I finally found a company whose products I want to recommend!

Note: This post contains affiliate links but all the opinions are my own.

You know, I’ve even had other suppliers send me free samples of their CBD products, hoping I would recommend them. But they just weren’t that great and I don’t want you to waste your money. The truth is that some CBD products are junk and some are amazing.

But why did I decide to tell you about these products, from Joy Organics, besides the fact that their products work for me:

  • Organically grown
  • THC free
  • Broad spectrum
  • Their CBD + curcumin softgels and the CBD + melatonin softgels are genius

Add in the fact that they offer free shipping and that these are the highest quality CBD, and I’m just over the moon.

We’re all different, so finding the right CBD product for your needs is the next step. This little quiz makes that easy-peasy.

Which CBD Product is Best For You? Take this quiz to find out.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  Nothing on this site should be considered a substitute for seeking the advice of your doctor or medical professional.  I cannot and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe anything.  What I share is entirely my own opinion based on my experience.  This is not medical advice and I shall not be held liable for any reason. 

3 Simple Things to Do Today to Feel Better

When I started practicing yoga, it was for one reason. I just wanted to feel better. It was a tough time in my life and my body, my heart, and my mind felt like it was on the verge of breaking into a million little pieces. Yoga felt like my last resort, something to try because I knew I had to try something before I lost my grip.

The good news was that yoga is exactly what I needed, I just didn’t know that at the time. In fact, if I hadn’t watched a documentary on how yoga had transformed the lives of many, including this one, very memorable old man, who had been an overweight, out of shape, hard partying, 40 year old, transformed into a radiant beacon of health and muscle and peace, I might never have turned to yoga in the first place. But, life has a way of putting things in our path to point us in the right direction, if we’re paying attention. By the way, this guy was 80-something at the time of this interview, and he looked amazing, practically glowed, and was ripped, at 80-something! This shit works.

Also, I wish I could remember the name of that documentary. If you know of it, please tell me.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably gone through, or are going through now, some shit that feels like wading through quicksand. Whether it’s money troubles, grief, a broken heart, health issues, broken self-confidence, or addiction, I’ve been there. It sucks and I don’t want you to be there. You don’t have to stay in that place. So, today, I thought I’d give you three ideas you can implement immediately, in case you’re not up for heading out to a yoga class (my favorite form of therapy).

  1.  Find a way to move your body.  You have a lot of options here, so just do what sounds like a good idea today.  Maybe just go for a walk?  Maybe go someplace heavy on the nature, like a park or the woods?  Or maybe follow along to a workout or yoga video on YouTube?  Maybe find a pool and go for a swim.  The important thing is to get your body moving and improve your circulation (of blood oxygen, lymph, and hormones).   We need movement in order to feel at peace and work doesn’t count.  I know, when you feel bad, the last thing you feel like doing is moving your body, but if you can do it for even a few minutes, it will help more than you can realize in that dark place. 
  2. Find a way to breathe.  Most of us, especially during stressful times, tend to take shallow breaths without even realizing it.  This is like a shorthand note telling your brain to freak out and feel anxious.  You can switch this off and signal your brain to chill the hell out if you deepen your breath, even for just a few breaths.  Sit tall, breathe in to fill up your lungs and expand your belly.  Let it out more slowly than you took it in.  Yes, it really is that simple.
  3. Turn on your parasympathetic nervous system.  Things that turn on your parasympathetic nervous system are the things that help you to deeply relax.  By deep relaxation, I mean, that feeling of losing yourself in a moment of unconscious drifting, like floating peacefully.  I’m not talking about going to sleep, and I’m not talking about floating on a raft in a pool.  I’m talking about going deeper and turning off the chatter in your head.  You know, that monkey mind chatter that’s always going in the background, right?  We need a break from that.  Things that turn on your parasympathetic nervous system are things like meditation, guided meditation, a great massage, and reiki.  The more often you can flip this flip switch, the easier it becomes to chill out and handle things smoothly when it all goes sideways. It’s like training your body to react with calm.  I highly recommend carving out a little time each day for a guided meditation (easiest) or other meditation (can be challenging when you’re feeling like poo).  You can find about a gazillion for free on YouTube or buy them from Amazon. 


These all sound too simple to turn the trick, I know. But the fact is, each works. While we are very complex beings living in a highly complicated world, it really is the simple details that make all the difference. Unplug. Put on your tennis shoes. Go for a walk and breathe deeply.

If you can’t get up and out today, pull out your phone or computer and turn on a guided meditation. Lie down. Let yourself put down the weight of your troubles for a little while. You don’t need to carry them. They’ll still be there when you get back, but you may just find that they’re easier to deal with after a break. And don’t you deserve a break? (You do.)

Never underestimate the power of simple things.

Why I Hired a Life Coach (and You Should Too)

You know how you can go to the gym and work out (or at least hang out on the elliptical for half an hour while reading a magazine) and you leave feeling like you did a good thing for your body?  But then, after doing these half-assed “workouts” for ages, not really seeing the results you want, all that effort starts to feel wasted.  You know you need to do more, maybe lift weights or follow a plan, but you just keep doing what’s comfortable and familiar. 

Then, at some point you begin to look around at the buff and the beautiful, see the toned physiques you’ve been dreaming of and it feels like you’re just unlucky.  Clearly, those people are just blessed…it couldn’t be that they’ve actually done the work, hired a personal trainer and invested real time, money, and effort into their amazing results…or could it?  Did they have help along the way?  

Life coaching works that way too.  It’s the new personal training. 

I’ve been studying self-help, personal development for years.  Sure, it’s helped.  I am a more positive, more empowered, more capable and effective adult, and my life is pretty darn great.  But the results just aren’t big enough for me.  I want to make an impact.

I want more.  I want a life so big and so full of things that bring me joy – like freedom to work from anywhere and make a real living, travel with my family, unique experiences, to feel I’ve really done what I set out to do with my life, and to leave a legacy that inspires my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Most of all, I want what I want and I believe that’s worth working towards. 

One day I just realized that I was playing at living my best life.  I was still sort of flailing and dabbling at working on the skills of managing my mind, my fitness, my business.  Years had gone by and somehow I was already in my mid-forties, but somehow I wasn’t living the life I really, really wanted to be living.  I mean, my life is good.  It’s comfortable, but that’s exactly the problem.

Big adventures, a big impact by helping so many others, the income that I want… I can see now that it takes real commitment, not just dabbling.  I can see now that it takes being honest with myself.  My efforts haven’t really succeeded.  I need to learn from someone who has this figured out.  I need a personal trainer for my life, aka, a life coach.

Now, I’ve grown a lot in the last few years, gotten coaching here and there (like I said,  I’ve dabbled), and I’ve gone through a life coaching certification program.  I AM a life coach.  And when it comes down to it, I’ve learned SO much and I have so much to share with those who haven’t gotten the results they want yet, but, I have so much more I want to offer.  

It took holding up a mirror, getting real, and doing the hard thing of admitting I needed more help so that I could do the hard thing of truly committing to a new coach. But, I did it.  I hired a life coach whose life is aligned with what I want to create in my own.  

I am beginning the process of working with a new coach so that I can create new things in my own life.  She is showing me where I’m making mistakes in my thinking.  She’s pointing out where I’m not showing up, where I could try a different approach, and where there is work for me to do.  She has this ability to see my life from the outside while still seeing me as the unique individual that I am.  She doesn’t tell me exactly what to do, but she leads me right to the answers.  That, my friend, is why life coaching is magic.  She holds the space for my growth and little by little, big things are happening.


If you want more.  If your results so far are not what you really, really want.  You have to go all in.  Playing at life is fine if you want to stay in your comfort zone and be disappointed that you didn’t quite make it (whatever that means to you).  If you want a big life, hire a coach that aligns with your values.  Invest the time, the money, and the effort.  See it pay off in ways you never thought possible.  Hire the trainer for your life and go all in. 

I’d like to offer you this.  If you’re ready to grow, and gain a new perspective on achieving your goals – for real, I offer you a life-coaching mini-session.  There’s no fee, no obligation, and nothing to lose.  You may just find that spark, that inspiration you need to move forward.  Contact me to set up your free 20 minute, online session. 

The 2 Very Real Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

I am all for body positivity.  I am all for loving ourselves and our bodies just as they are, right now, in this moment.  In fact, I know that coming from a place of loving ourselves is the only way to make lasting changes, the only way to create new, healthy habits that stick. 



Losing body fat directly reduces disease and increases energy, vitality, and confidence.

So, when I talk about losing weight, it’s not because I think we should all be skinny, it’s because I think we should all be taking care of our health and becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves that we can. 

I’m tired of seeing my friends and family suffer.  As a life coach, I know I can help you change any area of your life, but I want to help you start with your health.  

Here’s what I think:

Let’s make improving our health the first goal,  and then we’ll have the energy and vitality to achieve all of our other goals. 

We’re not all starting off from the same place, with the same health issues, or with the same health goals,  but starting with losing the excess weight is still THE place to start.

We all know that there are two things that will help us lose weight. 

#1. Eat less. 

#2. Move more.

But, why, when we know what to do, are we not able to lose the weight?   If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess you WANT to lose weight, but you’ve been struggling. 

2 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

#1. Your Thinking

#2. Hormone Imbalance

I would love to tell you that it’s all mindset and that it’s not physical, but the truth is that the mind and body are intimately connected.  It’s both mindset and physiology.

The brain/nervous system IS the body and the body IS the brain (the gut has 500 million neurons and acts independently of the brain). 

Taking control of our health, losing weight and keeping it off, requires changing our thoughts and balancing our hormones.  If we do those two things, the weight drops off, we feel better, we function better in our lives, and it doesn’t hurt being able to fit into our skinny jeans.   

Our thoughts run on autopilot most of the time. Though work interrupts the negative cycle of self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and poor lifestyle choices.


This is something I’m an expert in.  I’m not only trained in how to change thinking, I actually do my own thought work daily.  This is how I was able to transition out of a career I loved, but had to quit (massage), and into a career that is even MORE fulfilling.  It’s not easy to start a new career at 45, but it’s possible and for me, it has been so worth it.   

Thought work is how anyone can change any area of their life.  It sounds woo-woo, I know, but countless studies show it’s actually science.  Harvard Medical School is now teaching an advanced course in mind-body medicine to doctors.

I teach and coach based on a system and process called, “The Model.” created by a coach I adore, Brooke Castillo. (Brooke, you’re awesome. Thanks so much for this powerful tool!) Here’s the foundation.

Circumstances–>Thoughts –> Feelings–>Actions–>Results

This works like a loop, a feedback loop.  It can be a negative cycle that creates results we don’t want, like gaining weight or not losing weight, or it can be a positive cycle of getting healthier, feeling happier, and seeing that number go down on the scale as our energy goes up. We can interrupt the cycle by observing and then changing the thought.  

I teach people HOW our thoughts direct our actions and create the results of our lives.  I teach how exactly we can change our thoughts.   It’s deliberate, it’s a choice we make, and it works 100% of the time.  When we  look at what’s really going on in our minds, we can then come up with a new, better thought,  and what follows is action that leads directly to better *results. 

*Results like my client who will have tripled her income by the end of this month.  Another client of mine has seen a dramatic rise in her self-confidence, her happiness, and her children’s happiness after just 3 sessions with me.  She is finally able to make the changes she has been wishing for for many years. 

Hormone Balance

The second part of losing weight is hormone balance.  Most of us, especially women in mid-life, are struggling through our days with the symptoms of hormone imbalance, feeling like we’re stuck in a natural cycle of feeling like poop.  But really, feeling pretty darn good is the natural cycle. 

We don’t have to suffer the symptoms of hormone imbalance such as night sweats, hot flashes, moodiness, irritability, and the exhaustion.  We don’t have to suffer with hormonal skin problems like greasy or dry skin,  acne, and eczema.  We can stop the hair loss, the brain fog, the PMS.  We can STOP the cycle of gaining weight and reverse it so that we can live our lives at our healthiest, happiest weight. 

Here’s how I help my clients with hormone imbalance, which is most of us, thanks to stress, diet, and normal everyday life stuff that throws us out of balance. I use two main tools.   

First, is an in depth quiz created by a renowned doctor and hormone expert.  Second, is is at home hormone testing.  Did you know you don’t have to go to the doctor to get lab tests done these days?  It’s true.  

Once you know what’s going on with your hormones, you can learn what to adjust in order to rebalance them.   Depending on your unique hormone imbalance, modifications such as specific dietary changes, certain types of exercise – often something gentle and not too intense -and deep relaxation practices will allow your body to harmonize. 

When our hormones are in harmony, the excess weight is easier to lose, our mood stabilizes, we have increased energy, and we think clearly.  We lose the cravings for sugar and salty snacks.  We have an easier time making choices that keep the positive cycle of our healthy lifestyle on track. 

This my friends is what is natural and what is possible.  

Making Yourself a Priority Is Not Selfish

If mama ‘ain’t happy, ‘ain’t nobody happy.

~ A Very Smart Mama

As women, life has a way of teaching us that we are not doing enough if we’re not completely focused on others, our kids, our spouse, and everyone else who may need our help.  Over time, we lose track of ourselves, who we are and what we need.  We put ourselves on the back burner and wait until the stars align and someone sweeps us away to a tropical island…dream on, sister. 

If we’re really lucky, we meet a woman who shows us the way by her own actions or lets us in on the secret she has discovered…her secret to living more joyfully while at the same time improving the lives of everyone around her.  The secret is this, my darling,  making yourself a priority is not selfish, it is selfless and the very root of everything good.  

If you’ve ever flown on a plane, you know that if something goes wrong and the masks drop from the ceiling, you have to put your mask on first.  That way, you can breathe and help those next to you.  Life works exactly the same way.  When you can breathe, smile, relax, and bend instead of break, you are serving others.  Others need you to be at your best and able to be in the moment with them.  

Those around us also benefit from seeing us take care of ourselves.  It gives them permission to take good care of themselves too.  We inspire others whether we mean to or not, just by existing in their lives, so we may as well inspire them to love themselves and cultivate their own self-worth. 

Ways to Know You’ve Been Putting Off Your Own Needs

  • You’re exhausted
  • You are irritable much of the time
  • You feel sad for no reason
  • You wish you could run away or escape your day to day life
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You feel resentful that others need so much 
  • You are waiting for someone to appreciate you
  • Everything feels like a struggle
  • You lose your temper often and out of the blue
  • You just want to go back to bed anytime you feel stressed


Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

  • Put self-care on your calendar.  Set up a monthly massage, schedule yourself a nightly bathtub soaking time, schedule and show up for whatever recharges your batteries as if it was the most important thing you have to do, because it is. 
  • Stand up for yourself and your needs when others insist they need you to do something for them.  
  • Cultivate a hobby.  Music, painting, dancing, pottery, calligraphy, photography, sketching…or tennis, swimming, learning a new language…there are endless possibilities, the key is choosing the one that sparks joy in your heart.
  • Make time for your friends (especially those who you value yet haven’t talked to in ages)
  • Make exercise and movement a habit.
  • Make a list of at least 10 things you love about yourself, then post it or carry it with you and look at it daily.  Add to it anytime you think of another thing to add to your list. 
  • Make that appointment you’ve been putting off (the one you’ve been avoiding or stressing over the most).
  • Make time to read or listen to an audiobook.  Reading/listening to one new book per month is a great habit to invest in your own growth and mental stimulation.


If you’ve been feeling the need to do something differently, try putting yourself first.  If that feels scary, think of it as an experiment.  Give yourself a few weeks to see results.  Track how you feel. 

See if you notice an improvement in energy, in the amount of joy you experience, and lower levels of stress and exhaustion. 

Also, see how those around behave differently.  At first, there may be some minor or even serious push-back from those who are used to you bending over backwards for them at a moments notice.  It’s okay to allow them to figure it out for themselves.  You may even find that the less dependent they are on you, the more confident and secure they are in themselves.   It’s a win-win, really.  

Making yourself a priority is really about self-love at the deepest level.  It is knowing that you are worthy, exactly as you are.  It is about no longer living with a victim mentality, but becoming the hero of your own life. 

When you honor yourself, you are in turn honoring those around you to become the best possible versions of themselves too.  Never discount the power of love, of loving yourself first and foremost, no matter how strange an idea that may seem at first.  

My friends, I would love to hear about your own experience with loving yourself and making yourself a priority.  Feel free to email me or chat with me on Instagram.    


May’s New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019, is an especially good time for indulging your sensual side, nurturing your creative endeavors, and owning your purpose.

Back in March and April, seeds were planted, maybe in the earth, or maybe in the mind. Now is our chance to tend them, to hold fast to the faith that as we do our work, they are growing strong. Have faith in your ability and in the Universe to have your back.

Take your home, love life, physical fitness, career, finances, and pretty much your entire life to another level this month. The energy of the Universe is working for you, not against you.

Taurus is a sign full of steadiness, determination, and straightforward, although sometimes slow (seemingly to other signs) action. This is a great time to get to work on home projects, spruce up your surroundings, or indulge in a little luxury (without going into debt, of course).

You may be feeling amorous and adoring and extra sensitive to what your beloved has to say. Romance may be in the air and on your mind. Roses, strawberries, candles, and fresh bedsheets spritzed with a few drops of your favorite sensual essential oil in witch hazel or spring water, will enhance whatever happens in your bedroom.

You may find yourself thinking about your body and starting a new fitness routine. The more grounded, methodical Taurean energy of this New Moon (a time for starting new endeavors) makes this a great time to take action. Sometimes self-love is more about self-discipline than indulging our cravings for those things that are only temporary pleasures.

If career and finances are on your mind, commitment is the keyword this New Moon. Commit to your path, even when you can’t see very far up the road. This is where faith comes in. Decide to have faith in yourself and your ability to handle whatever pops up. You got this. Everything is figure-out-able, as Marie Forleo says. If you truly want something, you must be all in and believe that you can have it. By the way, in case no one told you, you can.

What were you put on this earth to do? What were you born to do? Like Joan of Arc, you will have your haters, but rise up and embrace you authentic truth. When things get tough, remember what Joan said…

All battles are first won or lost, in the mind.

Joan of Arc

That thought you keep having about how you may have been playing too small and that you just may be capable of something more, that’s your inner GPS. This week, look for signs from the Universe that now is the time to level up. Some of my favorites are these, but feel free to interpret your own messages.

  • Robin’s Egg – Blessings and abundance, hope, good news, good things to come
  • Shooting Star – Your wish is granted, but it may require you to think differently about the situation
  • Feather – You are not doing this alone, your guides are with you
  • Coins (Pennies from Heaven) – Pay attention to your finances and they will grow
  • Red Fox – The answer is at hand, use your creative and clever mind, you will figure it out as you go along

As you begin, or maybe continue, taking the steps that will pay off in the long run, don’t be afraid to find a mentor, coach, therapist, or other professional that can help you. None of us get through this life alone, and while you have everything you need inside of you right now, the guidance of someone who’s trained to move you forward will speed up the process.

Happy New Moon in Taurus. Let’s enjoy the unfolding and take pleasure in our tasks this month.

3 Powerful Crystals for Aries Season

The New Moon in Aries brings with it a fiery and passionate energy. We may be quick to anger, quick to decide, and find ourselves leaping before we look. Luckily for us, mother earth has provided some natural vibe aligning crystals to temper our temper and temptations.

First, let me assure you, that desire you feel to make a change and take action, it’s right on target. This is a great time to start new projects, take on a new role of leadership, begin that fitness routine, and more. Whatever Pisces season had you dreaming up, now is the time to start working on it. The caveat is that we may need to get more clarity, a little bit of grounding, or a boost of confidence to really get it off the ground. This is where crystals come in.

Quartz for Clarity

If you’re collecting crystals but you don’t yet have clear quartz, I recommend you get at least one. Clear quartz is, to me, the fundamental crystal to start with and to use for all kinds of charging, clearing, and energy boosting activities. Mediate with it, wear it, sit it on your desk…just keep your quartz handy and allow it to clear away the confusion and help you focus your energy.

Red Jasper for Grounded Optimism

The next crystal is to help you tap into that power and still keep you feeling grounded, red jasper.

Red jasper is great for root chakra work, for empowering us to make a change, and for bringing in a grounded, supported, nurtured energy. That project your heart is asking you to take on needs roots and wings. Red jasper is often smooth and rounded, perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag and holding in your palm.

Yellow Citrine for Calm Confidence

Ah, lovely yellow citrine…the golden light of confidence and wealth in the form of a crystal. Support from The Universe is all around us and citrine is like a dose of sunshine wherever you place it. You know that feeling of radiant warmth and that glow you get when the sun shines bright on your face after a long winter? Yeah, that’s the energy of citrine. Glorious and confident. Try placing citrine nearby your favorite seat in the house or where you can get an eyeful often. You might also try meditating with a citrine crystal placed over your solar plexus to supercharge your personal power.

Crystals bring harmonious vibrations and energy into our homes and lives. Embracing nature, seasons, and our divine inner spark is what I call sacred soul medicine. As you move forward this month, allow this Aries energy, full of fresh, new, passionate, and exciting energy to power your adventures and inspire you to live fully in your best self.

Essential Self Care for Aries Season

Aries is hot, fiery, passionate, and quick tempered.  This is the season of getting it started, making changes, and stepping up your game. Decisive and not willing to take no for an answer, Aries season can leave us swirling and fatigued if we don’t deliberately practice self care. Here are some ideas to tame your flame, cool your jets, and release those layers of doubt and confusion.

First of all, think cooling and balancing.

Cool your body & mind.  Coconut is cooling according to Ayurveda, the 5,000 + year old healing system of India.  Hydrate your body with nutrient rich coconut water + try organic coconut oil as a body moisturizer. (Not recommended for the face because it may cause break outs).  Or you might try this trick…

Shirodhara massage. This is serious soul medicine, my friend. Imagine a scalp massage plus a steady stream of warm, herb infused, sesame oil being poured over your third eye. India has been perfecting massage for ages. Shirodhara massage is the answer to how to stop over-thinking and clear the confusion. This ancient technique is gaining renewed interest (and is popular in Hollywood) due to its incredible calming, balancing, and head clearing effects. It’s also great for insomnia and turning down the knob on anxiety. Bonus, this treatment is super scalp and hair nourishing too!

While you may have to search this out and drive to the city to get it, it’s worth it. In Cleveland, Sacred Hour offers it. Besides, special moments like this (when you’re stepping into your power and taking action) require special treats.