If New Year’s Day, January 1, 2019, wasn’t the big life turn around you had hoped for, this just may be your moment. Here’s why March 21, 2019 may be the point at which your life turns in a totally new direction.

Our lives are scheduled by the Western standard Gregorian calendar, but the natural cycle of our lives is aligned with nature, because we are nature. We ebb and flow with the seasons, the moon and her celestial kin, the natural cycles.

We plan and expect that the New Year, beginning on January first, is going to be the moment we see real change in our life. But, what if that’s not OUR New Year, naturally? I offer the idea that it’s not until the vernal equinox, and especially this one in 2019, that we are truly in alignment with big, sweeping changes. It’s the natural start of a whole new year, and with the equinox and the full moon in Libra happening together, this will be a big energy shift. The door opens for us.

The spring equinox is also the start of the new astrological year, which begins with Aries. The energy of Aries, is fresh and alive with possibility. We all will experience a rebirth of sorts as spring awakens us from our slumber. This is a time of fresh starts, new opportunities, and for some, a whole new path as they decide to step through that door.

When I looked to the Tarot for my March 2019 Tarotcasts videos on YouTube, the clear pattern for all the signs was that this month is all about change, growth, and transformation. How BIG a transformation is going to be a personal matter. For some, this is likely where the stars in your natal chart are aligned for a totally new life.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, feeling trapped, feeling like your waiting on something to show up and sweep you up into arms of a glorious new opportunity, keep your eyes open. Even more, keep your heart open. You may be able to feel the shift in energy in your body, but you may also notice that your brain is telling you you’re imagining it.

Our brains are designed to stop us from making changes. That’s why change is so hard for most of us. We are wired to keep from stepping out of our comfort zone, even when we’re unhappy. So we talk (or let our brains talk) ourselves out of what we really want or need. So, how can we actually move forward and change things? The key is to find someone outside the situation to give you perspective. We can’t always see the truth, but we know it when we hear it. Choose someone you trust. Sometimes that person is a friend. Sometimes that person is a professional counselor or a therapist. Sometimes that person is a professional tarot reader.

If you’ve been waiting for a shift in energy, an opportunity to shake up your life, your thinking, or your routines, here it is. It doesn’t have to be a huge leap into the unknown. Big changes happen in the small moments too, step by step, decision by decision. Let yourself be energized by this new, fresh start. Step through the door as you look up at the full moon on the 20th. Open yourself up to a new perspective and watch everything you look at change.