You know how you can go to the gym and work out (or at least hang out on the elliptical for half an hour while reading a magazine) and you leave feeling like you did a good thing for your body?  But then, after doing these half-assed “workouts” for ages, not really seeing the results you want, all that effort starts to feel wasted.  You know you need to do more, maybe lift weights or follow a plan, but you just keep doing what’s comfortable and familiar. 

Then, at some point you begin to look around at the buff and the beautiful, see the toned physiques you’ve been dreaming of and it feels like you’re just unlucky.  Clearly, those people are just blessed…it couldn’t be that they’ve actually done the work, hired a personal trainer and invested real time, money, and effort into their amazing results…or could it?  Did they have help along the way?  

Life coaching works that way too.  It’s the new personal training. 

I’ve been studying self-help, personal development for years.  Sure, it’s helped.  I am a more positive, more empowered, more capable and effective adult, and my life is pretty darn great.  But the results just aren’t big enough for me.  I want to make an impact.

I want more.  I want a life so big and so full of things that bring me joy – like freedom to work from anywhere and make a real living, travel with my family, unique experiences, to feel I’ve really done what I set out to do with my life, and to leave a legacy that inspires my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Most of all, I want what I want and I believe that’s worth working towards. 

One day I just realized that I was playing at living my best life.  I was still sort of flailing and dabbling at working on the skills of managing my mind, my fitness, my business.  Years had gone by and somehow I was already in my mid-forties, but somehow I wasn’t living the life I really, really wanted to be living.  I mean, my life is good.  It’s comfortable, but that’s exactly the problem.

Big adventures, a big impact by helping so many others, the income that I want… I can see now that it takes real commitment, not just dabbling.  I can see now that it takes being honest with myself.  My efforts haven’t really succeeded.  I need to learn from someone who has this figured out.  I need a personal trainer for my life, aka, a life coach.

Now, I’ve grown a lot in the last few years, gotten coaching here and there (like I said,  I’ve dabbled), and I’ve gone through a life coaching certification program.  I AM a life coach.  And when it comes down to it, I’ve learned SO much and I have so much to share with those who haven’t gotten the results they want yet, but, I have so much more I want to offer.  

It took holding up a mirror, getting real, and doing the hard thing of admitting I needed more help so that I could do the hard thing of truly committing to a new coach. But, I did it.  I hired a life coach whose life is aligned with what I want to create in my own.  

I am beginning the process of working with a new coach so that I can create new things in my own life.  She is showing me where I’m making mistakes in my thinking.  She’s pointing out where I’m not showing up, where I could try a different approach, and where there is work for me to do.  She has this ability to see my life from the outside while still seeing me as the unique individual that I am.  She doesn’t tell me exactly what to do, but she leads me right to the answers.  That, my friend, is why life coaching is magic.  She holds the space for my growth and little by little, big things are happening.


If you want more.  If your results so far are not what you really, really want.  You have to go all in.  Playing at life is fine if you want to stay in your comfort zone and be disappointed that you didn’t quite make it (whatever that means to you).  If you want a big life, hire a coach that aligns with your values.  Invest the time, the money, and the effort.  See it pay off in ways you never thought possible.  Hire the trainer for your life and go all in. 

I’d like to offer you this.  If you’re ready to grow, and gain a new perspective on achieving your goals – for real, I offer you a life-coaching mini-session.  There’s no fee, no obligation, and nothing to lose.  You may just find that spark, that inspiration you need to move forward.  Contact me to set up your free 20 minute, online session.