Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping at Small Businesses Supports Wellness


I enjoy a bargain as much, or more, than the next gal, but there is one holiday tradition I can’t bring myself to participate in, and that is Black Friday.  There is something about the “Open at 5:00 am”, mega-retailer, shop ’til you drop, fight over toys for your kids – madness that makes me feel uneasy at best, and downright furious and disgusted at worst.

I do, however, strongly support Small Business Saturday, one day later.

This year I will be buying most of my holiday gifts from small, local businesses right here in Northeast Ohio and I encourage you to do the same in your neck of the woods.

10 Reasons to Shop Small Business and How That Supports Wellness (of you and your community)

  1. Support your local economy.  Every dollar spent locally means more money that goes back into your community.  If you want there to be a thriving downtown, you must shop there.
  2. Support local character and charm.  Be proud of what makes your hometown unique.
  3. Encourage environmental sustainability.  Compact, walkable downtowns with stores full of locally produced products means reduction in fossil fuel emissions and air pollution.  Also, if you pay a little more for items, it’s likely you’ll reduce your consumption and waste.
  4. Better quality.  You may be able to find a similar item, for instance, let’s say a sweater, at a big box retailer for less money, but consider the quality and value.  How long will that cheaply made, lower quality fabric and stitching last?  Will you need to buy another next winter?  I personally prefer to have fewer, higher quality items, especially clothing and shoes, that will last for years and look better, fit better, and become favorite go to items that make me feel good to wear.
  5. Product diversity.  Small retailers often specialize in unique and special items that you wouldn’t find at the big chain stores.  If you enjoy giving unique gifts and trying new things, small businesses are your best bets.
  6. Support and help others to enter the middle class.  We all know that the gap between the haves and have nots is growing wider.  Working in low wage jobs for big retailers, mega-corporations, and chains will never be the way to move up in the world.  Entrepreneurship is a means to improve the economic situation for families and communities.
  7. Local decision making.  Local ownership ensures that local decisions are made by people who live in the community and are effected by the decisions.
  8. Competition.  Many small businesses competing for your business helps to keep prices reasonable.
  9. Investment in the future.  Someday, that business could be the opportunity and viable career for the next generation.  Kids grow up and need first jobs, jobs to help pay for college, and businesses to support their own families.  Otherwise, where will they live, work, and thrive?


10. Connect and make new friends.  Some of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had are with the experts who are small business owners.  If you want to learn something, talk to the experts.  Then, buy their wares.  Take your friends and family to their shops.  Learn their kids’ names.  Feel the pride of knowing those who you help to support.


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