5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Oregano Essential Oil

If you read this blog, see my Facebook posts, or know me personally, you know that I am SUPER- PASSIONATE  about taking control of my health and helping you to do the same.  However, it is in my nature to be suspicious of anything I’m told, or read, or hear.  And so, to get to the truth, I research, and then research some more.  (I basically read non-fiction books like they’re great American novels and spend more time on websites like Pubmed.com than any normal person.)

Also, it is in my nature to believe that when we know about natural options, most of us would prefer that over toxic chemicals.  I mean, hey, we all want to feel good and feel capable of amazing things as often as possible, right?  I think we get so much conflicting information that it’s hard to know what actually, truly helps.  I like to think it’s my purpose in life to do the reading, try to understand the science behind it, and then share what I’ve learned to be true with all of you; share what is working for me and many others.

If you only change one thing to be healthier, to keep your family healthier, it is this: change what you put into your body.  Eat real food.  Use natural, non-toxic products for everything — cleaning, bathing, skincare, supplements, etc.

Today, I thought I’d share a little bit about one of my favorite herbs, oregano, and how it can be useful in supporting your natural lifestyle.  Oregano; it’s not just for pizza anymore!


One of the most powerful essential oil supplements is Oregano essential oil.*

* Yep, Young Living has a whole line of 100% pure essential oil supplements that you can take internally, add to food (like pasta sauce and salad dressings), use aromatically, and topically.  The other companies sell oils that clearly state right on the label “not for internal use,” and I believe them.

*Did you know that the FDA only requires that an essential oil bottle contain 5% pure oil in order for the label to read “pure” and “therapeutic grade?”  That’s scary right?  I mean, what’s the rest of it?  Chemicals?  A cheaper oil?  I don’t like to take chances with what I put in my body, so it’s Young Living all the way for me!

*I use and trust only Young Living essential oils and ONLY take them as recommended and as labeled and approved by the FDA.  Here is a link to Young Living Oregano Vitality, a 100% pure, truly therapeutic grade essential oil.  It is a powerhouse and one of my go-to oils for maintaining wellness.

Things you might not know about oregano:

  • Oregano is a member of the mint family
  • It’s a perennial herb with purple flowers
  • It prefers hot, relatively dry climates and the quality of its oil depends on the growing conditions such as soil, climate, and harvesting
  • It is a staple culinary herb in Italian, Italian American, Greek, and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Oregano oil has been used in folk medicine since ancient times, even by Hippocrates (the father of medicine)
  • A key constituent of it is carvacrol (click here to read about this amazing mono-terpenoid phenol)


5 Reasons Every Home Should Have Oregano Essential Oil

  1. Oregano May Help Maintain Healthy Lungs: Oregano Essential Oil is being studied as a medical treatment for cystic fibrosis due to its ability to fight microbes in the respiratory tract.  (View the study here.)
  2. Oregano May Help Us Age Gracefully: Studies show that Oregano Essential Oil protects against cell damage as a potent antioxidant. (You can look up scientific studies on Oregano E.O.  and all sorts of things on Pub Med.  Here’s one study to back this up.)
  3.  Oregano May Help to Maintain Intestinal Health: Studies done on pigs have shown that Oregano Essential Oil improves the intestinal barrier integrity (preventing a leaky-gut situation) and promotes a healthy immune system in pigs. Scientists conduct many studies on pigs before they take the concept to human testing (for obvious reasons).  (You can see that study here.)  FYI, pigs are so similar to us in biology that we actually use pig parts when replacing heart valves and closing wounds in general surgery.  (More info here.)
  4. Oregano May Fight Inflammation: Oregano Essential Oil is a power anti-inflammatory, according to Dr. Mercola.  (More info here.)  Inflammation is thought to be the single most wide-spread health issue behind most chronic disease, such as fibromyalgia, asthma, neuropathy, GERD, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, gall bladder disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, allergies, heart disease, and many more.  (More details here.)
  5. Oregano May Support Breast Health: Studies suggest that Oregano E.O. “clearly demonstrated anti-tumor effects of carvacrol on human metastatic breast cancer cells.” (See the study here.)  My grandmother died of breast cancer.  It’s something I take very seriously.  I’ve even been a volunteer massage therapist giving away free chair massages at the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk, at the Cleveland Metropark’s Zoo.

At $11.75 (the member price), for Oregano Vitality (an essential oil made to be taken internally and labeled as such) you are paying about $0.15 per drop.  In my book, that’s as reasonable as it gets for something so incredibly wonderful.  If someone told you that oils are just too expensive, here’s your evidence to the contrary.

Dr. Mercola, over at Mercola.com says this about Oregano E.O.

This…medicinal herb…oregano contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, and potassium. Additionally, oregano, which is sometimes called “wild marjoram” in Europe (and is closely related to the herb sweet marjoram2) contains potent phytochemicals that provide potential health benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about using Oregano or any other essential oil to support your wellness, I’d love to help you.  Oils have become a daily (awesome) part of my life and I know that they can benefit you and your family too.  You can contact me here.  **Please note that I am not a doctor and I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or recommend treatment for any medical conditions, at all, ever.

Here is a link to get your oils at 24% off, through me.  I’ll also make sure that you get the very best resource book to help guide you and some lovely essential oil gifts to welcome you to the Young Living family.

May you be well, live in abundance, and know your worth.


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Scandinavian Beauty & Health Secret: Dry Brushing Your Skin


(*Photo credit: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/beauty-rituals-benefits-dry-body-brushing/)

Itchy, flakey, dry, and dull skin; it seems like a winter time given, right?  Particularly here in the frozen tundra, I mean, Cleveland area, where it’s cold and snowy for months and months.  My solution used to be to just load up on body lotion, but then I discovered this little secret-  from women who live where it’s way colder and snowier.

I was introduced to the idea of dry brushing years before I actually tried it.  I was watching a television show about living someplace frozen most of the year, somewhere in Scandinavia.  Apparently, Scandinavian women don’t just jump in the shower and scrub up with soapy washcloth.  Instead, before they bathe or enter a sauna, they spend a little time dry brushing their skin with a natural bristle brush.  This has the effect of sloughing off and exfoliating the dead, dry skin, improving the circulation of blood and lymph, which helps to detoxify and nourish the skin cells, and it feels great to boot!  So, you’re actually cleaner inside & out.  What’s not to love, right?!

Here’s What Dry Brushing Does & Why You Need to Try It

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Stimulates blood circulation (to nourish skin with oxygen and nutrients & get your glow on)
  • Stimulates lymphatic flow (to remove toxins from cells)
  • Decreases the appearance of cellulite
  • Feels really good (especially over the itchy places like the back of your hips and shoulder blades) and it can increase the feel-good hormones while decreasing the stress hormones
10+ years old and still in great condition
10+ years old and still in great condition

I will admit, my first reaction was to pish-posh this idea, but now, after more than ten years of incorporating dry brushing into my winter and spring routine, I can’t imagine my life without this short, pre-shower ritual.   I try to fit my dry brushing in at least once or twice (not more than 3x) a week during the winter and throughout  Spring.  I love the feeling of a good scrub, the glow, and the added benefit of getting the lymph flowing to boost my immune system.  Not only that, but it’s like getting the best back scratch, EVER.   I highly recommend it!

Skin Brushing Basics

  1. Buy a quality, natural bristle brush.  The higher the quality, the better it will feel (softer bristles) and the longer it will last.  I’ve had my body brush for more than 10 years and it’s still in great shape.  I wash my brush now and then, allow it to dry completely, and store it in a cabinet when not in use so it won’t get icky.
  2. Throw a towel down on the floor to catch the dry skin that you’ll be brushing off.  Gross, I know.
  3. Undress & grab your brush.
  4. Use a gentle hand and brush in circles or strokes moving toward the heart.  Here are the detailed instructions:
    1. Brush in small circles, starting with the bottom of your feet and moving up the legs, and over the hips. Circle from left to right (following the intestines) over the belly.  Swipe up sides towards armpits.
    2. Swipe or make circles from hands, up arms towards armpits (where there lots of lymph nodes).
    3. Brush your back from center out towards armpits.
    4. Brush around your breasts (I avoid nipples) and very gently across chest from center towards armpits.
    5. Finish by brushing neck gently from chin towards heart.
  5. You may want to scrub hard, but don’t.  You’ll make your skin hurt.   If you’re a sensitive type, you may actually feel like the brush is too intense.  If that’s the case, ease up on the brush, starting slow and building up how often you use it until it feels good.  It may take a little getting used to.
  6. Now you can take a shower as you normally would, but be less aggressive when washing up.
  7. After you dry off – Moisturize all over with a natural body lotion or oil.
    1. *Please read the ingredients on your moisturizer/lotion.  All of the typical drugstore/retail brands use petroleum (petrolatum) as a base.  Petroleum is a likely carcinogen (cancer causing) and has been correlated to breast cancer .  (YES, I know it’s FDA approved, but it is not healthy.)  Also, please be aware that fragrance means synthetic chemicals that can cause not only skin problems like rashes, but also breathing problems such as asthma, and it also disrupts your hormones (endocrine system) and can affect our bodies in ways you’d never suspect such as increased PMS symptoms, infertility, and more.

If you, like me, find it hard to enjoy winter…the dry air, the bitter cold, itchy skin, the lack of sunlight blues, etc., I hope that you try this out.  You may just discover a new winter ritual to make you feel like a million-glowing-bucks.

Stay warm & stay well, my friends.



P.S.  I’d love to hear what you think after your first dry brushing.  Email me.



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