13 Reasons You Need a Diffuser Necklace (And What To Put In It)


This post started out with five reasons and I just couldn’t stop.

My passion for aromatherapy has really skyrocketed since I started using Young Living essential oils.  I not only smell the difference, but I feel a difference.  Wearing aromatherapy jewelry has taken it to a whole other level of obsession.

I’ve had my diffuser necklace for about three months now and my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.  I wear it as often as possible, change the insert (felt, cork, leather, and other fabrics work) and oils according to my mood, my energy level, and whatever essential oil is my current obsession (Frankincense at the moment).

About the only time I don’t wear it is while working (as a massage therapist).  We all like different scents and have different emotional needs/scent memories and I don’t put mine ahead of my client’s during their session.

Here are 13 reasons you NEED a diffuser necklace and my thoughts on what to put inside.

  1. Because Peppermint Essential Oil puts a little pep in your step and you might just make it to the gym today.
  2. Because gray skies are easier to ignore thanks to the aromatic effects of citrus oils such Lemon, Grapefruit, and this amazing blend called Citrus Fresh.
  3. Because you’re kinda stinky today…Patchouli.
  4. Because the line at the grocery checkout is SO long and maybe a little Peace and Calming will chill you out.
  5. Because work/coworkers…maybe try White Angelica to clear the negative energy.
  6. Because you LOVE Christmas Season and want to smell like it.
  7. Because your entire extended family will be there and it’s gonna get crazy.  Try Lavender or Sandalwood
  8. Because you have teenagers in your house…Stress Away.
  9. Because you’re dealing with some emotional stuff right now and can use all the help you can get…Trauma Life, Sacred Frankincense.  (Hang in there.  This too shall pass.)
  10. Morning sickness is not fun…and everything smells weird when you’re pregnant.  Try DiGize, Ginger, or Peppermint.
  11. Because synthetic fragrance is something you know you don’t want in your life.
  12. Because using the power of scent to affect your limbic system (within your brain and controls emotion and hormones) is totally awesome.
  13. Because you love your diffuser and your oils and want to take them everywhere!  (Like me!)

If you’re wondering where to get diffuser jewelry, there are lots of online options.  I try to keep them in stock at my studio.  Also, I’ve heard that you can find them at craft fairs.

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My Top 10 Most Loved Essential Oils + Easy Ways to Use Them


In my home, we go through a lot of essential oils.  On any given day oils are a part of my morning routine, sometimes my lunch, my afternoon pick-me-up, post-workout self-care, my jewelry (aromatherapy), and more.  Here are my current favorites and some easy ways to incorporate them into your life.

  1. Lavender – a member of the mint family, it is my most favorite scent and I add a few drops to massage oil, to unscented face and body lotion, diffuse it to create calmness and promote happiness, apply to scars/burns, and put a few drops on my wool dryer balls to lightly scent my laundry.
  2. Peppermint – Ah, the most refreshing oil of all…I use this anytime I feel nauseated or have an upset tummy, diffuse it alone or with other oils such as lavender or R.C. to energize me, rub a drop between my hands and inhale to open sinuses and bronchi, and add a drop to a smoothie to make it a peppermint “shake.”
  3. Frankincense – is an essential part of my skin care routine and I wear it as perfume, diffuse it, and add it to my diffuser necklace or bracelet.
  4. Lemon – is amazing in tea, added to tuna salad, pasta, and it’s scent is so uplifting and joyful.
  5. Oregano – I like to put a couple of drops in empty gel capsules and take this as an immunity booster before bed and I find it very comforting.
  6. Tea Tree – I apply this to my feet and any little skin issue.
  7. Lime – I just can’t get over how a couple drops of lime e.o. will transform regular salsa, guacamole, or other recipes into something so fantastic that words do not adequately describe the pleasure.
  8. R.C. – I rub a drop between my hands and apply to my throat and chest when I’m congested, I diffuse this next to my bed anytime I feel a scratchy throat or sinus thing coming on, and I add this to bathwater to make it feel like my own private spa.
  9. Copaiba – this little baby is like having a secret weapon to improved wellness and I like to take it internally in capsules.
  10. Thieves – I saved one of the very best for last – I take this internally by adding a drop or two to homemade capsules, by adding a drop to oatmeal, or one drop to a spoonful of raw honey, diffuse it for a warm, spicy, comforting scent,  and I clean my entire house with Thieves Household Cleaner because it’s a powerful cleaning product without the toxic chemicals.

Finding new ways to improve life and make the ordinary into something special is such a great feeling.  Adding essential oils into my daily life has brought me so much joy, purpose, and abundance.  I am loving this oily journey and I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new?  From here, the sky is the limit!

Warm regards,


P.S.  Most of these oils come in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit in case you’re looking for an easy way to get started.

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