Why the Spring Equinox Might Be the Start of Your New Life

If New Year’s Day, January 1, 2019, wasn’t the big life turn around you had hoped for, this just may be your moment. Here’s why March 21, 2019 may be the point at which your life turns in a totally new direction.

Our lives are scheduled by the Western standard Gregorian calendar, but the natural cycle of our lives is aligned with nature, because we are nature. We ebb and flow with the seasons, the moon and her celestial kin, the natural cycles.

We plan and expect that the New Year, beginning on January first, is going to be the moment we see real change in our life. But, what if that’s not OUR New Year, naturally? I offer the idea that it’s not until the vernal equinox, and especially this one in 2019, that we are truly in alignment with big, sweeping changes. It’s the natural start of a whole new year, and with the equinox and the full moon in Libra happening together, this will be a big energy shift. The door opens for us.

The spring equinox is also the start of the new astrological year, which begins with Aries. The energy of Aries, is fresh and alive with possibility. We all will experience a rebirth of sorts as spring awakens us from our slumber. This is a time of fresh starts, new opportunities, and for some, a whole new path as they decide to step through that door.

When I looked to the Tarot for my March 2019 Tarotcasts videos on YouTube, the clear pattern for all the signs was that this month is all about change, growth, and transformation. How BIG a transformation is going to be a personal matter. For some, this is likely where the stars in your natal chart are aligned for a totally new life.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, feeling trapped, feeling like your waiting on something to show up and sweep you up into arms of a glorious new opportunity, keep your eyes open. Even more, keep your heart open. You may be able to feel the shift in energy in your body, but you may also notice that your brain is telling you you’re imagining it.

Our brains are designed to stop us from making changes. That’s why change is so hard for most of us. We are wired to keep from stepping out of our comfort zone, even when we’re unhappy. So we talk (or let our brains talk) ourselves out of what we really want or need. So, how can we actually move forward and change things? The key is to find someone outside the situation to give you perspective. We can’t always see the truth, but we know it when we hear it. Choose someone you trust. Sometimes that person is a friend. Sometimes that person is a professional counselor or a therapist. Sometimes that person is a professional tarot reader.

If you’ve been waiting for a shift in energy, an opportunity to shake up your life, your thinking, or your routines, here it is. It doesn’t have to be a huge leap into the unknown. Big changes happen in the small moments too, step by step, decision by decision. Let yourself be energized by this new, fresh start. Step through the door as you look up at the full moon on the 20th. Open yourself up to a new perspective and watch everything you look at change.

3 Easy Ways to Use Moon Magic Today: What a Waxing Crescent Teaches Us

The waxing crescent moon calls us to action. She reminds us to take inspiration from all around, build on it, and get to the work of what we are called to do. If we look to the sky, we see that each night, after her work day is done, she grows more full, more confident, more accepting of her radiance.

Using moon phases is a hot thing these days, but I like useful information, so I went looking for what I could do with that information. And I wanted to take a look at some of the practical, useful, and inspirational aspects of the moon. I wanted to learn something I could actually use, and share that with you. Have you wondered, what’s the moon phase obsession all about anyway?

On the surface, it’s about using the monthly cycle of the moon & all of nature’s response to the energy of the moon, to our advantage. Farmers and gardeners have been doing this forever. Seeds planted at the appropriate moon phase grow better than those planted in a different phase. In fact, the classic “The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a wealth of information on the moon phases and the right times to plant, harvest, etc. We’ll be taking a closer look at the current moon phase, waxing crescent.

The waxing crescent phase is the time between the new moon, which is dark and not visible in the sky, and the glorious (although potentially chaos causing) full moon. Over the course of about two weeks, the moon appears to grow, to build, to increase in size as she begins to illuminate the dark more and more.

There’s an increasing energy, a vibrance to this phase that if we can use to our advantage. When we embrace this phase, it can help us to make progress on whatever we’re working to create in our lives. Here are some practical ways to incorporate a little moon magic into your daily life.

3 Easy Ways to Use Moon Magic Today

  1. Visualize. Spend a little time each day seeing in your mind’s eye what it looks like when your dream comes true. What is it that you want to create, to manifest, to live? See it. If it’s not clear at first, that’s okay. Keep practicing your visualization until it becomes clear, until you can smell, taste, and feel it as though it is your life right now.
  2. Program Your Success. Download and listen to binaural beats that aligns with what you need right now. You can use this as a 20 minute power nap opportunity or listen while you’re doing your household chores. A quick search on Amazon returns a gazillion options, including everything from prosperity and success, anxiety relief, mental clarity, better sleep, to confidence, and finding your passion.
  3. Take One Step. For me, big goals can feel overwhelming, and that feeling keeps me stuck in my tracks. Big dreams often leave me feeling as though everything I want happens in the future. But, what if what we want actually happens only in little moments, bit by bit, each day? What if we reverse engineer it and start with just one little thing today, adding on it tomorrow? Eventually, maybe sooner than we think possible, we wake up and we’re living it. So, ask yourself what one thing you can do today to get closer to your dream life. Then, do that one thing today.

What are you building? What is your dream? Does it seem crazy to use the moon as a guide, a support system to make that happen? Well, for me, the crazy thing is to not throw everything at my dreams to make them real.

The New Moon in Pisces: Meet Your Inner Mermaid

Surrendering to our deepest desires, rediscovering the power of our dreams, embracing our darkness with compassion, all of this and more has arrived on the heels of the New Moon in Pisces. 

This month has shown itself to be a pivotal time of change and transition for us all.  The New Moon in Pisces, along with this Mercury retrograde, (until March 28th) doesn’t merely invite us to plumb the depths of our deepest desires, but to access our subconscious and our shadow side. 

We may feel worried, anxious, or the urge to resist more than usual, but there are ways to go deep without so much fear.  Sometimes we need someone who cares to hold our hand.  Sometimes she is our friend, sometimes she is us, showing up in our mind’s eye as our inner mermaid.

Either way, take her hand. 

This month, we can expect to be pulled into our depths, lured under by our inner mermaid, and shown the possibilities of our soul’s own ocean. This is our inner world, our dream space, our dark corners, and our vast and deep subconscious ocean.

There are always only two choices, fear or love. Resist and struggle or surrender and find you can actually breathe here too.  Our darkness and our depth has magic too.

Mercury retrograde asks that we step back and realign. The entire Universe is conspiring to give us this perfect moment to reassess and plan.

So, this month, we can resist and fight, try not to look at where we are now and what decisions have brought us here. It’s likely that will result in being held down longer and with a lot of unnecessary drama. Or we can trust that our inner mermaid has our back, which she does, because she is us.

If we can surrender to her pull, she will breath us with new air, a new energy to carry us through this month and beyond.  She will show us what we may have anchored at the bottom of our watery depths, something we must face so that we can truly heal & grow.  

Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

  • Run a hot bath
  • Add 1 cup sea salt to the water
  • Light some candles (using caution of course)
  • Add atmospheric music, bonus points for whale sounds
  • Drop in a few drops of rosemary + lavender essential oil (they grow wild near the Mediterranean sea)
  • Soak your cares away, allowing yourself to be nurtured

This Piscean energy of dreams, subconscious, rebirth, and abundance (like loaves and fishes) is here to help with our progress.  This Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to step back and re-evaluate our plans.  What goals do we have written down?  Where do we truly want to be headed?  

This month is full of the energy to manifest.  Ask, what is it your heart truly desires?  Is it freedom?  Purpose?  Inspiration?  What is hiding in the darkness that has been holding you back?  Let yourself be shown, acknowledge your shadow side, and allow your fears can be transmuted into your power.  Our vulnerabilities are also our greatest strengths.

Why Growth and Change are Hard, But Worth It

March has arrived and there’s a shift happening. The energy of growth and change is in the air. Can you feel it too? As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, there’s a re-awakening, a little hum and a stirring deep in the fertile soil that is our life. Those seeds we planted and the ones we are ready to put down are beginning to grow. The energy this month is all about pushing through our perceived barriers, our moments of darkness, and making real and significant progress on our dreams.

Planting for the future

This energy shift may have you thinking about what you need to do to get what you really want. You may have moments of inspiration, like a flash of what could happen, if only you got brave . You may feel a pull to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before, and then that feeling, almost like a rubber band snapping back, and you quickly decide that you can’t put yourself out there like that.

I’m here to tell you that it just feels hard and scary because that’s our human-ness trying to override our spirit. Our human brain and body are wired and programmed to keep us stuck in the familiar, the routine, even when it’s not what we want. Even when it’s not a good place to be.

It can feel really hard to change. It’s not your imagination, it can feel difficult physically, mentally stressful, and emotional. And all of that struggle, it’s just a natural part of the process. It’s only temporary. The sunlight is not as far away as it feels…so, keep going.

Grow towards the light

As I worked through the tarotscopes, the tarot readings for each zodiac sign for the month of March, 2019, there was an interesting pattern. For every sign there was an opportunity for growth, for pushing through barriers that seemed to mainly be our perceived obstacles and negative self-talk.

It looks to me like many of us have the opportunity to make real gains towards our goals this month. We just have to not talk ourselves out of it, not ruminate or overthink it too much, and just take some action.

What is it that you want to change right now? What have you started thinking about or maybe even started working on that feels like growth and struggle?

The main things I saw in the cards were career and financial goals, even just getting a handle on the bills, commitment to physical fitness goals that may have lagged in February, and some big creative projects, like remodeling/redecoration and creating art. This month is a great time for reinventing yourself and your life, putting things in order (clean out those closets), and using the energy of the Universe to push yourself in the right direction.

You know that feeling of sunshine on your face after a long winter? Well, that’s what making progress feels like when you take a moment to feel it. If you’re not feeling it yet, hang in there. If, right now, you’re in a darker place, think of it as soil, use what you have to nurture yourself.

Some ideas for nurturing yourself through the growing pains: Do the self-care. Book the massage, go to the sauna, get yourself moving, walking, breathing. Then slow down and meditate (even 5 minutes pays off if you do it regularly). I like to set a timer when I meditate so I don’t have to worry about the clock. Pay attention to what you’re eating and how much water you’re drinking. Try turning off the anxiety inducing news and turning on music you love. Dance. The little things will add up throughout the month, like watering your growing plant.

Why is all the struggle worth it? Well, for me, it’s that feeling of sunshine and accomplishment that comes with each new milestone achieved. It’s also in the ripples that go out into the circle of friends and family around me. I want to be a woman who inspires people to live, love with abandon, and dare greatly. Then there’s the material manifestation of what my dreams are made of…I want to enjoy that, share that, spread it around. What about you? What will make the struggle worth it? Now, that’s a seed to plant and nurture daily.

Happy March.



A Weekend Tarot-Cast for February 22

What’s going on for you this weekend? Are you still feeling the energy of that amazing full super-moon? This morning while doing my own daily tarot reading, I felt called to share a short tarot reading with you about the energy we’ll encounter this weekend. Maybe this reading was meant for you to hear? It’s always been helpful for me to get a different perspective, a different outlook on things, so I hope this video opens the channels of flow and brings to you the energy that you need right now.

If something here struck a cord and touched your heart, I’d love to hear about it. You can connect with me on social media. If you feel called to get a personal reading and get insight around whatever is coming up for you right now, you can schedule an online reading with me through my Tarot Readings page.

Wishing you an amazing weekend full of blessings, until we meet again.

Are You an Empath? 10 Ways to Know For Sure.

If you are wondering whether you’re an empath or not, odds are, you definitely are. If, like me, labels and titles make you uncomfortable, you might just prefer to use the term “highly sensitive person,” to explain what makes you so unique.

It’s estimated that 20% of the population are HSPs, or “Highly Sensitive People,” and about 2% of those are empaths. And, while you may not have always had the words to describe it, chances are, like me, you’ve always known you were different.

Let me be clear. You don’t have to label yourself anything. This is just meant to give you a quick and easy way to gage something that you’ve been wondering about, probably for a very long time. Now, this list is not exhaustive and these don’t all have to apply to you. We’re all unique. Are you ready? Here are 10 ways to tell for sure if you are an empath:

Are You an Empath? 10 Ways to Tell for Sure

  1. You are easily moved by the emotions of others. You cry when they cry and you laugh when they laugh.
  2. You can walk into a room and feel what’s going on, especially if there’s anger or tension between people.
  3. You cry easily.
  4. You find crowds overwhelming and exhausting.
  5. You often know what people need without them saying anything.
  6. You’re easily exhausted by being around other people and you need a lot of alone time to recharge.
  7. You have premonitions, dreams that come true, or visions of things that then go on to happen.
  8. You find the news media too upsetting most of the time.
  9. You’ve always felt or known you were different.
  10. You’ve walked away from someone and felt as if you just picked up or absorbed something that wasn’t yours, such as an energy, a strong feeling, or a sensation of pain.

Being an empath or HSP is a double edged sword, but with a little effort, you can turn what sometimes feels like a curse into your superpower. (The curse is when you cancel plans because you can’t be around a crowd right now, or when you start crying at some weird moment, like in a business meeting, both of which has happened to me more more times than I care to count.) Your sensitive nature allows you to pick up on things that other people don’t.

Yes, that’s right, you have a superpower! I wish I had known when I was younger that what made me an outsider was actually what would become my greatest strength. Empathy and embracing my sensitivities has allowed me to create a new path for myself, a career that many would consider way outside the box, and that’s part of what makes it perfect for me. Maybe your sensitivity is an issue when you work for someone else, but it may just be the one thing that allows you to work for yourself (and create the spiritual business of your dreams).

If you own this story, you get to write the ending.

~Brene Brown

So, now that you’re clear on whether or not you’re an empath/HSP, embrace it! Learn to ground yourself (with visualization techniques, yoga, and such). Begin to notice when you’re negative self-talk starts up (we all have it), and turn it around. Turn off the noise, the news, and the judgements. You were born to learn how to embrace your gift and use it for good. Let your light shine, my friend!

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Rose Quartz: A Quick Primer to Open Your Heart Chakra

Rose quartz has symbolized love and matters of the heart for millennia.   The ancients knew that crystals are powerful amplifiers that can bring  balancing and harmonizing energy to our greatest desires.  The ancient Greeks and Romans made rose quartz into jewelry to attract love.  Ancient Egyptians added the idea that rose quartz can preserve beauty.  Native American tribes believed rose quartz was helpful in healing the heart.   Wearing or meditating with crystals that support your intention, like rose quartz to open or balance your heart chakra & all matters of love, is powerful soul medicine.

If you’re holding  grief or hurt, longing for your soulmate, recovering from a bad breakup, or working through childhood issues, rose quartz may can elevate your healing.  Wear it as jewelry.  I’m a big fan of wearing mala bead bracelets  like this one.  I like that it has a few porous lava stones so it can be used as diffuser jewelry for essential oils.  For all matters of the heart, I’d use either Joy or Release blends from Young Living.

Alternative ways to use your crystals,  you can hold one or two while you meditate, carry one in your pocket, or just place it near you, like on your desk, as a reminder of your intention to release, open, and heal your heart energy.

Place a rose quartz crystal on your altar if you have one, or on your heart center (sternum)  as you lie in savansana at the end of your yoga practice.  The extra focus and attention on love will increase it in your life and allow you to choose love more easily.

If you’re an energy worker, try having your client hold rose quartz in each hand or place it on their sternum or upper back as you work.  Ask them to visualize a pink, radiant, light of love surrounding them and add in any affirmations or prayers that are appropriate for them.

Working with crystals is an easy way to support and encourage more of what you want in your life…the ancients knew this and now you do too.



How to Let It Go: Part 1

You were born with wings.  Why prefer to crawl through life?  ~ Rumi


I was 38 and at one of the lowest points in my life.  There was so much turmoil going on and it was suffocating my soul.  I was depressed, anxious, sickly, terrified by what was going on in my family life and I could feel my body being pulled into the undertow.

When you find yourself in struggle or grief, it’s a lot like drowning.  If you continue to struggle, you’ll go under and if you don’t let go of the weight of the grief, you’ll go under.  I know, it’s not an easy thing to do, but it must be done.  Otherwise, every breath after is less full and glorious than it should be.  Find a way to release the weight, let it go,  and stop struggling.  Then you’ll float.

Stop struggling.  Then you will float.

Understand that this pain and weight we carry starts off as physical sensations or emotion.  Usually, it’s created by negative comments, traumas, and emotional experiences.  We store these as memory in our cellular DNA.  Mostly, we bury them deep and we look for ways to numb ourselves, like TV, wine, too much food, etc.   It’s easier to numb than face the pain, but pain demands to be felt before it can be released.  Holding onto it interferes with getting what we really want out of life.  Not facing the pain, the physical, emotional, spiritual pain, interferes in our joy.

Pain demands to be felt.

Massage was the first way I found to really release energetic blocks & let go of the old damage.  It sounds too good to be true, but in case you needed an excuse to get that massage, it really does work.  Therapeutic touch is vital for total wellbeing.  Getting one massage isn’t enough, the same way that one healthy meal isn’t going to make you healthy.  It takes time, and it takes consistency.  One massage each month is what I recommend and aim for for myself.  It may seem indulgent, but the process of moving through the tissues, unwinding the coils of tension we build over time, and training the nervous system to completely relax takes time.  It’s not indulgent to want to NOT suffer.

Letting go is a gift that we must give ourselves.

Yoga is a life raft.  No matter where you are in terms of fitness, there’s a yoga class for you.  Yoga comes in all varieties from chair yoga and gentle movement all the way up to power yoga in a heated room.  Don’t worry.  No one knows what they’re doing at their first class.  Heck, I couldn’t balance even a little bit.  There was a lot of mistakes then and now.   And many of the poses I enjoy the most are things I thought I’d never be able to do. 

The reason that yoga is so effective in letting go of that baggage we carry is because it combines movement of the muscles and connective tissue with breathing.  It gets the blood and energy flowing.  Then there’s the concentration and focus.  That’s part of feeling and honoring the pain.  We’re paying attention to our pain, our stuck-ness, and breathing through it as we move.  Yoga saved  my life.  It can save yours too. 



Address the issue directly.  To open channels and clear paths physiologically and energetically we can tap into the power of the brain.  When we use essential oils, what we’re really doing is sending some plant molecules into our olfactory system (sense of smell) and right into the brain.  We’re accessing our limbic lobe.  This is where the amygdala lives.  It deals with emotions, memory, and fears, and it’s where that fight of flight response is triggered.  It’s also where the hypothalamus resides, the master endocrine (hormone) glad that controls nearly everything going on in the body.  Humans need plants.  Plants have the power to affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Letting go is a gift that we must give ourselves.  Choosing to release it or not touches every person and experience we have after.   It’s a way of honoring our emotional selves and our spirit within this fragile human form.  These wounds, these blocks are gifts too really.  They are our lessons to learn while we are here.  The practices of yoga, massage, techniques like mediation and aromatherapy, they are like spiritual surgery to remove the shards, debride the emotional wounds, cleanse them, allow ourselves to heal.

There is so much magic and wonder and awe on the other side of whatever is holding you back.  There is so much abundance.  You may not have a clear  path yet, but there are steps…start with one.  If you are a healer, and I find that healers are often the very people that are drowning in the pain of blocked emotions,  this is even more important.  Don’t put it off.  Release it.

Join me in this process of healing and growth.  Sign up for my newsletter,  connect with me on Facebook, come to one of my events, work with me as a client, or get in touch.  On our own we can only do so much, but together,  I believe that as we shift, we set in motion the healing of the world.  And I’ve got plenty more of this Sacred Soul Medicine to come…



It’s Time to Let Go, Be Guided, & Expect Miracles

I’ve actually said these words more times than I can count, but today,  I needed a reminder.

I started my day, this gorgeous & sunny May 1st, with a mug of this hot tea,  a little meditation, & some gratitude journalling (with Gratitude essential oil).  If you’re thinking, “Who has time…,” I totally get that…but I’ve learned to make time.  Mostly, I make time now because when I didn’t do these sorts of things regularly, I couldn’t keep my shit together very well.  (An argument could be made that I still don’t have it together, but this is a big improvement).


What I want to tell you is we all need reminders of how good we have it.   Getting in that headspace & heart space completely transformed what most likely would have been another day of frustration into a day of amazing things.

I’m gonna break it down real slow…get all groovy, deep, and dark and plant it where all seeds wanna live.

  • Gratitude.  It’s so easy to get comfortable and forget that we, at least most of us, have a warm place to sleep, healthy food, family, friends, clean water and SO MUCH more.
  • Invest in the feeling of Gratitude because it pays off in flow.  This morning, when I sat down at my desk to write about what I have and what I’m so grateful for, I had a moment.  I realized what’s been holding me back lately & sapping my energy & ability to get to those things I keep saying are my priorities.  My block has been this feeling of a lack of accomplishment, feeling like I haven’t done enough with my life yet.  The frustration was nagging and gnawing and using up my energy so that I kept not creating.  It wasn’t until I started gratitude journalling that I saw my block clearly and was able to let it go.  Basically, I invested 20 minutes in Gratitude (10 in meditation & 10 in  journalling) and saved myself weeks of frustration, exhaustion, &  avoidance.  I’ve had the creative juices flowing ever since and made huge progress today.

Maybe, like me, you get stuck sometimes.  Maybe you needed a little reminder of how much you’ve already accomplished, how good you do have it, & how to use that Attitude of Gratitude to work miracles in your life.