The New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019, is an especially good time for indulging your sensual side, nurturing your creative endeavors, and owning your purpose.

Back in March and April, seeds were planted, maybe in the earth, or maybe in the mind. Now is our chance to tend them, to hold fast to the faith that as we do our work, they are growing strong. Have faith in your ability and in the Universe to have your back.

Take your home, love life, physical fitness, career, finances, and pretty much your entire life to another level this month. The energy of the Universe is working for you, not against you.

Taurus is a sign full of steadiness, determination, and straightforward, although sometimes slow (seemingly to other signs) action. This is a great time to get to work on home projects, spruce up your surroundings, or indulge in a little luxury (without going into debt, of course).

You may be feeling amorous and adoring and extra sensitive to what your beloved has to say. Romance may be in the air and on your mind. Roses, strawberries, candles, and fresh bedsheets spritzed with a few drops of your favorite sensual essential oil in witch hazel or spring water, will enhance whatever happens in your bedroom.

You may find yourself thinking about your body and starting a new fitness routine. The more grounded, methodical Taurean energy of this New Moon (a time for starting new endeavors) makes this a great time to take action. Sometimes self-love is more about self-discipline than indulging our cravings for those things that are only temporary pleasures.

If career and finances are on your mind, commitment is the keyword this New Moon. Commit to your path, even when you can’t see very far up the road. This is where faith comes in. Decide to have faith in yourself and your ability to handle whatever pops up. You got this. Everything is figure-out-able, as Marie Forleo says. If you truly want something, you must be all in and believe that you can have it. By the way, in case no one told you, you can.

What were you put on this earth to do? What were you born to do? Like Joan of Arc, you will have your haters, but rise up and embrace you authentic truth. When things get tough, remember what Joan said…

All battles are first won or lost, in the mind.

Joan of Arc

That thought you keep having about how you may have been playing too small and that you just may be capable of something more, that’s your inner GPS. This week, look for signs from the Universe that now is the time to level up. Some of my favorites are these, but feel free to interpret your own messages.

  • Robin’s Egg – Blessings and abundance, hope, good news, good things to come
  • Shooting Star – Your wish is granted, but it may require you to think differently about the situation
  • Feather – You are not doing this alone, your guides are with you
  • Coins (Pennies from Heaven) – Pay attention to your finances and they will grow
  • Red Fox – The answer is at hand, use your creative and clever mind, you will figure it out as you go along

As you begin, or maybe continue, taking the steps that will pay off in the long run, don’t be afraid to find a mentor, coach, therapist, or other professional that can help you. None of us get through this life alone, and while you have everything you need inside of you right now, the guidance of someone who’s trained to move you forward will speed up the process.

Happy New Moon in Taurus. Let’s enjoy the unfolding and take pleasure in our tasks this month.