I became a massage therapist in 2010 after a wake-up call while in nursing school.  My main duty was to pass out pills all day and then clean up the side effects.  I was overwhelmed by the cycle of illness.  I desperately wanted there to be another way to help.

Now, I promote wellness, natural, holistic healing, and preventative medicine.

Massage therapy is healing and helpful for many chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and more.  Massage can help you lower or even eliminate the need for pain meds, improve insomnia, and make you feel young again.  When you are able to truly relax is when your body kicks in to healing mode to repair and restore.  Massage has been proven to boost your immune system to help keep you healthy and going strong. We all need maintenance now and then.


What type of massage do I offer? 

The truth is that every session is different because every body is different, but my techniques are based in therapeutic, deep tissue, and Swedish massage.  I adjust the pressure based on your body.  A great massage should feel amazing, not like torture.

Hot Stone Massage is one of my specialties and I can even bring it to your location.

Do I offer aromatherapy?

Yes, I offer essential oils to enhance your experience at no additional charge.  I love my Young Living essential oils and will help you choose the perfect one, whatever your needs.

Do I have to be naked during my massage?

No, you may undress down to your comfort level.  You will be covered by a sheet and blanket or large towels (depending on the service) and private parts will always remain covered.



2 Locations

Botanical Bodywork & Healing Arts

100 N. Main  St.

Chagrin Falls, OH



Posh Hair Studio and Spa,

S.O.M. Center Rd (at Chardon Rd.)

Willoughby Hills, OH.  (Just off I 90 at I 271)



Or your home or office: I can bring the massage to your location, including Hot Stone.  Prices are slightly higher to account for travel and time.


Couple’s Massage at Your Location May Be Available.  Call me for availability and price.


Special Events and Chair Massage on Location:  Available as my schedule allows.  Contact Me for a Quote.