Aries is hot, fiery, passionate, and quick tempered.  This is the season of getting it started, making changes, and stepping up your game. Decisive and not willing to take no for an answer, Aries season can leave us swirling and fatigued if we don’t deliberately practice self care. Here are some ideas to tame your flame, cool your jets, and release those layers of doubt and confusion.

First of all, think cooling and balancing.

Cool your body & mind.  Coconut is cooling according to Ayurveda, the 5,000 + year old healing system of India.  Hydrate your body with nutrient rich coconut water + try organic coconut oil as a body moisturizer. (Not recommended for the face because it may cause break outs).  Or you might try this trick…

Shirodhara massage. This is serious soul medicine, my friend. Imagine a scalp massage plus a steady stream of warm, herb infused, sesame oil being poured over your third eye. India has been perfecting massage for ages. Shirodhara massage is the answer to how to stop over-thinking and clear the confusion. This ancient technique is gaining renewed interest (and is popular in Hollywood) due to its incredible calming, balancing, and head clearing effects. It’s also great for insomnia and turning down the knob on anxiety. Bonus, this treatment is super scalp and hair nourishing too!

While you may have to search this out and drive to the city to get it, it’s worth it. In Cleveland, Sacred Hour offers it. Besides, special moments like this (when you’re stepping into your power and taking action) require special treats.