About Me

The first thing I want to tell you is to move in the direction of your dreams. Get in touch with your inner wisdom. Don’t talk yourself out creating your most amazing life, for even another minute.

~ Anna Gayheart

My mission is to be the woman that I once needed, to show you what is truly possible in your life.

I’m Anna Gayheart, a professional intuitive, medium, and spiritual coach.

I help others to see into their lives with greater clarity, to communicate with the other side, and to cultivate their own intuitive abilities.

I believe that we have a wealth of information available beyond what is right in front of us.  Intuition is a powerful force that can guide us to our best life.  Direct communication from the spirit world is always happening, whether we recognize it or not.  There is more to this life than meets the eye.  

As the oldest of seven sisters, and each of us having our own unique abilities, I am from a long line of highly sensitive, intuitive and psychic women.  On my father’s side, my aunt was a gifted healer.  On my mother’s side, psychic dreams, empaths, tarot readers, and spirit communication was common. 

As a child, I regularly communicated with Spirit and with my guides.  I started reading Tarot cards as a teenager.  A complicated religious upbringing left me feeling confused and worried about my abilities.  In my 30’s, I turned away from anything “spiritual,” as I tried to fit into the role of a “normal” wife and mother.  

The signs and the nudges from the other side had become too hard to ignore.  Without realizing it, I had been cultivating and tuning my abilities while I worked for 10 years as a massage therapist.  The quiet, the focus, and the meditative surroundings allowed me to pick up information and intuitive hits about my clients constantly.  By the time I closed my studio, I was sharing what messages I felt would be helpful with clients at the end of their massage.