Anna Gayheart

Plant-Based Weight Loss + Wellness Coaching

About Me

Look, if moderation is really the key, why are so many of us feeling awful and getting fatter? We already what we need to do to lose the weight–eat better, move more–it’s the mindset that make those things happen or not. When you learn to manage your mind, your entire life can change in an instant. That’s the secret.

Anna Gayheart

My mission is to help you lose weight and transform your life.

You CAN lose the weight and feel amazing again.

You CAN learn to manage your mind and make it your ally.

In fact, mindset coaching is how I went from miserable, over-fat, sick and tired to what my life is like now.

I am a Plant-Based Weight Loss Coach.

I combine my expertise in life coaching, yoga, whole food plant-based nutrition, and personal training to help you achieve your goals and experience REAL RESULTS.

These days, I’m freakin’ thrilled to be alive, but it wasn’t always this way. Now, I feel great, I fit into my skinny jeans, my health is better than ever, and my mid-life hormone struggles are no longer an issue.

But look, I spent most of my life suffering from extreme gut-health issues, debilitating depression, and anxiety. I was sick, exhausted, stressed out, and having panic attacks.

I tried the standard approaches. Standard Western medicine failed me. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) failed my body. I spent my 40th birthday in emergency gall bladder removal surgery. Clearly, I needed another way.

For me, it was getting in tune with what my mind and body actually needed. That’s where coaching came in.

I mean, I can tell you exactly what I did and do, but your needs are going to be different. I help you figure the best path for YOU.

WHAT DO YOU WANT? That’s where we’ll start. Then, we’ll work to get you there, with more ease, less struggle, and more motivation.

I figured out what I wanted. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to end the cycle of depression and anxiety. I wanted to feel good again.

  • The extra weight fell off
  • My anxiety and depression dissolved
  • I haven’t had a panic attack in years
  • My mid-life mood swings leveled off and my energy has skyrocketed
  • I eat more food and enjoy it more than ever before (never starve yourself again)

I feel better now than I did in my 20’s and it feels like a miracle.

Now, I have the privilege of sharing techniques and tools that work.

If you’ve ever wanted to lose the weight, feel good again, and take back your life, I totally get it.

I can help you.

I can help you lose the weight FOREVER.

I can help you transform how you FEEL.

I can help you TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.

Let’s get your mind right and your body will fall in line.

I offer private one on one coaching (online) to clients all over the world. I can also work with you in-person if you’re in the Northeast Ohio area.