The New Moon in Aries brings with it a fiery and passionate energy. We may be quick to anger, quick to decide, and find ourselves leaping before we look. Luckily for us, mother earth has provided some natural vibe aligning crystals to temper our temper and temptations.

First, let me assure you, that desire you feel to make a change and take action, it’s right on target. This is a great time to start new projects, take on a new role of leadership, begin that fitness routine, and more. Whatever Pisces season had you dreaming up, now is the time to start working on it. The caveat is that we may need to get more clarity, a little bit of grounding, or a boost of confidence to really get it off the ground. This is where crystals come in.

Quartz for Clarity

If you’re collecting crystals but you don’t yet have clear quartz, I recommend you get at least one. Clear quartz is, to me, the fundamental crystal to start with and to use for all kinds of charging, clearing, and energy boosting activities. Mediate with it, wear it, sit it on your desk…just keep your quartz handy and allow it to clear away the confusion and help you focus your energy.

Red Jasper for Grounded Optimism

The next crystal is to help you tap into that power and still keep you feeling grounded, red jasper.

Red jasper is great for root chakra work, for empowering us to make a change, and for bringing in a grounded, supported, nurtured energy. That project your heart is asking you to take on needs roots and wings. Red jasper is often smooth and rounded, perfect for carrying in your pocket or bag and holding in your palm.

Yellow Citrine for Calm Confidence

Ah, lovely yellow citrine…the golden light of confidence and wealth in the form of a crystal. Support from The Universe is all around us and citrine is like a dose of sunshine wherever you place it. You know that feeling of radiant warmth and that glow you get when the sun shines bright on your face after a long winter? Yeah, that’s the energy of citrine. Glorious and confident. Try placing citrine nearby your favorite seat in the house or where you can get an eyeful often. You might also try meditating with a citrine crystal placed over your solar plexus to supercharge your personal power.

Crystals bring harmonious vibrations and energy into our homes and lives. Embracing nature, seasons, and our divine inner spark is what I call sacred soul medicine. As you move forward this month, allow this Aries energy, full of fresh, new, passionate, and exciting energy to power your adventures and inspire you to live fully in your best self.