Easy Diffuser Recipes for New Oilers


When my starter kit arrived, it felt like Christmas.  I was so excited to get started.  I opened each bottle, took a good whiff and immediately set up my new diffuser.  Then I had this moment where I felt overwhelmed by the options.  Where to start?  Which oils would be the best choice for this moment?  I had to pause…

Day 1; I went with Lavender.  My most familiar oil and a scent that I don’t ever want to live without.  (I’ve been using lavender essential oil for 27 years.  I’ve tried lots and lots of brands.  Not one even compares to the quality Young Living’s Lavender essential oil!)

Day 2; I chose Peppermint.  Mmmm, fresh.

Day 3; I tried Lemon and I liked it.

Day 4; I didn’t quite know what to do next…so I looked online.  The options are ENDLESS…

I wanted to give you some easy, 2 oil combinations that are effective, yet super simple.  Essential oils are really intuitive once you start using them.  You just think about how certain scents affect you personally.  For instance, to me mint is refreshing, lemon smells clean and bright, eucalyptus (in the R.C.) smells like a spa and is soothing, and lavender smells happy and relaxing.  Purification eliminates funky odors & smells clean.  Frankincense is what prayer would smell like if it had a scent, to me anyway.

Don’t just look at your little bottles.  Use them every day.  Don’t be afraid to try out new combinations.  All essential oils are that plant’s immune system and all are going to have benefits.  Trust your instincts.  Don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you.  After a while you’ll be an expert at creating the mood and environment you want to set.  Happy oiling, my friends!


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